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"...the heart haunts,
the soul moans.
Sometimes the chains that bind us here
are more than we can control.
The tear stains
a ghostly shape...
sometimes the things we love
are what make us break..."
2004 Lori S. Maynard
Excerpt from "The Heart Haunts"
Book: "Poetry Carnival"
On this page, I will post random poetry that can be found in my published book: "Poetry Carnival" published by Check it out

Let Me Go
Here I am, a tiny pebble on the crags of life
wondering when the tides will claim my soul.
Clinging tightly to cliffs that cut the heart.
My hands are bleeding...I am now losing hold.
My eyes have been blinded by the swimming sun.
The rays reflect o'er the sea of constant change.
Time has battered this shore since God's first breath
and since before Time even held on to a name.
I've been tossed by a few hands that found me
and wrecked along the boulders of sorrowful woe.
I've been treasured by a few kind souls who knew me
though that has been few... trust me, I know.
I've been tumbled by those who've tried to polish
and refine the soul entombed in the thick lime.
I've been carved to fit an artist's expectations.
I've been painted to match trendsetter's clime.
Now here I am, a small lonely pebble
clinging for life...should I let go?
The crags are jetting forth around me
and tease the waves with a death show.
Ah, but to let go and surrender to the ocean
and touch the sandy surface far below.
Let me go, dear Lord, I sing to you.
Just let me go...Let me go...
Is Anyone Haunted by the Ghost of my Kiss?
Is anyone haunted by the ghost of my kiss?
Does my shadow linger on someone's floor?
Is there anyone out there in this vast world
who wishes I'd knock but once at their door?
Does anyone remember the warmth of my touch
and the intensity of this stranger's embrace?
Or am I forgotten - never meaning that much
that my personality has been easliy replaced?
Do I have an admirer who'll ne'er fess up
and reveal the feelings held deep within?
What is it like to know you're in love
when you know you'll never be loved again?
I am haunted by a ghostly kiss every night
a tingle rattles across my lips as though chains.
Lost and bewildered, I've wondered alone...
a wild horse turned loose at the reins.
So, as I am hanted, do I haunt someone too?
Was my kiss of such turbulent force
that maybe someday or even another
we'll meet again on some other course?
I wish I knew I was loved by just one man
who'll neither tease nor play harsh games.
And when such a man ever somes to exist...
I hope God will kindly give me his name.
August Moon (Still Just Me)
The summer's 'bout over and the signs are falling down.
The summer sun's started yawning as the grass turns brown.
August days are rattling our hearts and our way of living
melting the earth and any creature without being forgiving.
Summer metal touching your heart, giving you pleasure
is something that is the golden sun's greatest treasure.
It can be heated and cooled and brought to flame again
as the sky blisters each blade of grass in green pain.
August moon, ah! So cooling is its sweet embrace
when the ticket booth closes into the darkness of space.
Ferris Wheel now silent o'er its diamond plate plateau
echoing that summer's about to sigh and go.
Carnival nights blending and ending into a summer haze.
Autumn is coming with each sunset's velvet blaze.
The lights will shut down in just a couple weeks more
till spring breathes again and we venture back to society's door.
August moon watched me walk the empty midway at night
being myself, though society whispered, "You're not right!"
I'm not a monster and August moon did truly see
that though a carnie, I was still...just me.
Traveler's Prayer
O, protect the Travelers
they have no claim to shelter
they cross Your lands
with weary hands
and feet.
Calm the storm before it wakes
Hush the wind before it rakes
across their skin;
thus, warming them.

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