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Various ramblings from a varying mind

April 16, 2005:
OK - I've had a lot of things going through my mind. 
I've just spent an hour outside trimming the bushes for the first time and surprised at how crooked they are now.  LOL.  Yeah, well...I tried.  At least they will grow back.  Last year, I purchased a big farm house and I am trying to take on all of chores that go with it.
Things are going excellently.  I'm into a lot of hobbies right now that share my time.  A lot of good things have been happening - funny how the pendulum of luck swings. 
April 17, 2005:
What is on my mind today?  I finished my yard work and walked into town to get a bottle of water.  My mind was pretty much shut off this weekend. 
April 20, 2005:
Today was just a day from Hell...just when I thought that everything was changing for the better in life.  But, I know that things will change again soon.  A storm is heading toward my house - I have just spent a half hour on the front porch watching the dark clouds roll over the plowed fields.  Eerie in a way - but peaceful.  I received a call from my mother today, my unlce was put into intensive care.  He had a stroke a couple of years ago and had recovered.  He's  not doing well now...losing a lot of blood somewhere internally.  I fed the chickens when I got home and did some more yard work while it was still warm.  They say that it's going to turn colder this week.  We'll see what happens.  I know that I'm waiting to see what happens...  I just want to get this summer done and over with. But the good thing about favorite flower bloomed in my yard today...the purple lilac.  Usually, they bloom the week of my birthday; however, they bloomed early this year. 
There was a severe accident near my house today.  A couple of fire trucks blew past my house. They stopped just on the other side of the field from my house.  I wonder what tragedy they were suffering over there.  I always wonder about the people the sirens are seeking. 
The wind is begining to pick up now - the storm has found me.  I better make sure that the house is all buttoned down.  It's over 104 years old and I want to make sure the old girl is good to stand through a storm.  I just moved in late last fall.  It withstood a couple of minor earthquakes, so - I'm sure that wind is no issue.
April 24, 2005:
The storms swept through and brought wind, more wind and snow flurries.  So hard to believe that it had been in the 80's for a week.  My favorite flower bloomed early this year (the purple lilac) and now it's little flowers are being ripped apart by a winter wind.
So much has been on my mind lately - people acting so very out of character.  I was a member of a motorcycle club; however, I quit it a few days ago.  No one is ever a friend in life...there is always something hidden and you'll find it eventually.  Oh well.
For now, I'll just keep to my other hobbies and interest that do not involve anyone other than myself.  I'm waiting for June to come because that is when I start up my photography again for wrestling.  I think that it's fun to attend these shows.  It's fun to watch the guys act out in the ring and it's even better to watch the reaction of the fans.  It reminds me of when I was with the carnival...they enter this world to be magically transported to another world, even if for but an hour or two. 
May 22, 2005
Since my last little posting, I've gone through another birthday, purchased a new car, and a raccoon ate all of my chickens.  Funny, I just don't imagine racoons as hunters...thought of them as little scavengers.  That will teach me.  I have a picture of one of the culprits.  There is a male and female that go into my barn each night.  They are HUGE.  Also, I got to see a live David Copperfield show.  Someone got me tickets for my birthday.  It was ok. 


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