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'05 Makeover


Final makeover complete and unveiled at the "Simply She" event March 18-20, 2005, Indianapolis
Special thanks to:
* Real 97.1's Monique & The Man (
* Regalo, Lorrie Neal, (
* Blades Hair Studio, Castleton - Hair stylist: Cate Carrington
* Collection 94, Indianapolis, Wardrobe consultant: Murph
(:   **Scroll down to see pictures**  :)

Special Thanks to:
(Left to Right): Cate Carrington, Todd Kangas, Monique Marvez Crosby, Lorrie Neal, Murph Damron

These are the final pictures of the makeover that I've gone through this spring. I still have one more laser treatment to undergo; however, you'll get the jist of it.  The laser treatment was done by Regalo and it smoothed out my skin and reduced acne scarring.  The second laser treatment will leave my skin very smooth.
My hair was done at Blades Studio in Castleton.  Cate Carrington, hair stylist, difinately had her work cut out for her.  I'm going to post an older picture of myself from when I had very blond hair.  Thanks to my playing kitchen beautician from the Wal-Mart half-priced shelf, she had a lot of work in front of her when I came to her chair.  She returned my hair back to its natural burnette color and added blond highlights.  In addition, a few inches of my hair was cut off.  Yeah, after three years of dying the hair myself and living with well water - my hair was not in the best condition.
The clothes that I wore were from Collection 94 in Indianapolis.  The price of the clothes were just astounding to me...almost affraid to wear the clothes on the runway.  Of course, I've always shopped at places such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart or any other store that had "Mart" in its name...never a "Collection" nor a "Boutique" 
But, this is me now.  I hope that you get a kick out of viewing pictures of the old me vs. pictures of the new me.  I know that I'm definately glad to have the runway portion over with.  The last time that I had to be in front of people was when I traveled with a carnival and I had a counter to sit behind.  Other than that, the last time that I had to walk in front of people in this manner, I was picking up my high school diploma.
Everyone was great to work with and everyone felt confident as they changed into the clothes provided for the show and had their hair and makeup done by the professionals.  I know that some people are going to read this and scoff at those of us who needed this, or felt that we needed this change.  When insecurity sets into your soul, it's hard to rid yourself of it.  It is like a virus that eats away at you until you are empty inside and just a carbon copy of the person on the outside.  It was nice to look like what my mind didn't convince myself that I looked like.  Do not know if that makes since... in other words, it was nice to see an actual attractive woman looking back at me in the mirror.  I didn't see the scarring that I had grown used to, I didn't see the pale and lifeless skin and my eyes actually had a reflection in them. (Look at some of my old pictures and they are just black - light never reflected)
This is it... These are my words, this was my experience and I'm grateful to many people for chosing me, being polite to me (other than one comment that I was too big LOL) but they did what I had wished for so long... I was pretty for a day.  I will always remember this weekend and being in a world that I'll never get to be in again... a part of a show (that wasn't a carnival) and having the chance to walk down a runway.
March 20, 2005

This was the first thing that you saw when you walked in. I found this very intimidating :o)

Picture of the outfit loaned by Collection 94

This is how I appeared the summer of 2003

Another picture from 2003...I decided to have "big hair" on this day

The "After" shot on March 19, 2005: Wearing Collection 94 clothes, getting ready for the runway

I thought that I looked a little older when I saw my photographs.  Here, I'm pretty happy with the hair and makeup and pretty nervous about wearing the pricey clothes and going out on the runway.  I was wearing heels at this time and those who know know that I don't even like to wear flat dress shoes :o) I've been known to show up in a long dress with sneakers when the occassion called for me to dress up; or, I'll just run around in my pantyhosed feet.  I was so "certain" that I would end up teetering and tripping when it was my turn to walk out in front of people.  Leave it to me to be given a new look but then fall flat on my face.  Yeah...that would still be me, same old goof that I was prior to the makeover.  If there's a way that I can make a fool out of myself and/or make others laugh, most likely - it is going to happen

I'm just coming out onto the runway when this shot was taken on March 19, 2005

Now, I'm standing still as they talk about everything that was done to me